Social media can make it much easier to find qualified new employees. That’s because a large portion of the working world connects with each other through social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, on a regular basis. Depending on the social media site, employers can post information about their company and job openings, as well as network and connect with potential candidates. The beauty of social media is the ability to reach active candidates (those currently seeking employment), as well as passive candidates (those currently employed, but who keep an eye open for something else to come along). With other recruitment techniques, employers might only gain access to active candidates, so social media opens up the job market much wider.

Finding Employees through Social Media

The key to searching for candidates using social media is to tailor your search based on the city where you are looking to fill a position, the industry in which you’re looking for workers, or colleges that supply workers in your industry.

Using Facebook, you can set up a business page that gives your company a social media presence.

That’s the first step, so candidates have a place in which to refer back and learn more about your company. Next, enter job boards into the search function to locate pages where other businesses are posting jobs. These may differ by city or industry. Also, many colleges are now setting up career pages on Facebook, to which they direct students. Using these pages you can reach out to a college’s career development team, build a relationship and be top-of-mind when it comes time to direct graduates toward new employment.

Ultimately designed as a living database of resumes, LinkedIn has other functions that can help you locate qualified new staff.

As part of the LinkedIn experience, the site features groups that any LinkedIn user can join, dedicated to any industry you can think of. By setting up a personal LinkedIn page, you can join groups related to the type of employees you are looking for, participate in discussions, and connect one-on-one with great minds who might be great new additions to your company. You can also search for potential candidates by industry, or use your page to provide links to your company’s website and job postings.

With Twitter, you can set up a personal page (and use your description to associate yourself with your company) or a business page.

By searching for keywords using a hashtag symbol before the term, you can find discussions related to your industry, participate, and establish yourself and your company as an industry expert. In this way, you can encourage candidates to seek your company out for employment. Also, you can work with applications such as TweetMyJobs to help circulate job postings for your business throughout the Twitter site.

As technology continues to advance, social media is growing and changing constantly. The best way to harness its power is to create an account and begin surfing around to discover everything it can do. It can also be helpful to work with a marketing agency to help you maximize all the benefits social media can deliver for finding new employees.

Another great source for new employees? Contact a recruiter.

In addition to social media, staffing firms are great resources for tapping into the talent in your area. If you’re looking for accounting and finance professionals in and around Chicago, look no further than Accountable Search. To learn more about how we can help you supplement your staff quickly and easily, contact one of our recruiters today.

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