The summer is the perfect time to take a breather before beginning the fourth quarter! A team-building activity can be a much-needed respite during the lazy, hazy, warmer months of summer. It can also work to strengthen the camaraderie you’ll need between coworkers to make that final push toward achieving your annual goals this fall. Why not get everyone on the same page by taking a day out of the office to laugh, learn and explore together?

4 Ideas for Summer Team Building

Experience the sights and sounds of your city.

It can be great fun to be a tourist for the day, especially if you live in one of our country’s larger cities. Sight-seeing tours—either by bus, cruise, bike or on foot—offer a way for employees to learn things they might not already know about their surroundings. It also gives everyone something to chat about as you explore and mingle your way through the afternoon. Consider art, history, architecture or ghost tours, as available in your city.

Learn something new together.

Taking a class for the afternoon gives your team a chance to acquire a new life skill, while having fun and interacting in the process. Whether it be cooking, cake decorating, home brewing, interior design, or making wine, soap or jewelry, you can probably find a class to learn how to do it. Search for class options online through local businesses, colleges, adult education programs or community centers.

See a live performance—then discuss it over dinner and drinks.

Take your team to a theatrical or musical performance, giving everyone something to talk about afterward. During the summertime, your community may offer performances in an outdoor amphitheater or stage, giving everyone the chance to get outside for the afternoon. Experiencing a dramatic or moving performance together can be a bonding experience everyone will remember for years to come.

Hold a city-wide scavenger hunt with post-hunt celebration.

If you wish to incorporate a bit of healthy competition, why not break your department into small teams for an afternoon scavenger hunt? Get as creative as possible with list items to build excitement and add to the fun. At the activity’s completion, gather everyone together to share their adventures over a post-hunt celebratory meal—and don’t forget to award a prize to the winners!

Benefit from team building

Just one afternoon away from the office can give your employees a chance to enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another better—especially if they spend their busy work days buried within their individual work stations. Interaction in a fun, casual atmosphere can help build friendships and mutual respect—an advantage in any business.

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