Take initiative and get ahead! As the old saying goes: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. That’s also true in the workplace. In other words, don’t sit back and let others surpass you—instead, step right up and stand out—in a positive way! Get a little “squeaky” in your office and reap the benefits of job advancement and promotions. Here are some steps you can take.

How to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Office

  • Maintain Professionalism at All Times.
    This includes obvious things, such as following the dress code, arriving on time for work and for meetings, and keeping your personal life out of your business life. Try to limit personal calls you take at your desk, for example, and refrain from discussing your personal life within the confines of the office. In addition to dressing sharp, be sure to keep your appearance neat and professional, including your hair style, facial hair (for men), jewelry selection, or the decision to conceal (or reveal) piercings and tattoos. Last but not least, try to maintain a positive attitude, and never gossip.

  • Let  Them Know What You Think.
    Are you a follower or a thought leader? Employees with good ideas are often consulted for input and suggestions. These are also the types of workers that frequently get promoted to lead others. Hopefully you have chosen a career path that is a natural fit for you, so your understanding and expertise in the field is like second nature. However, to help yourself brush up on your industry know-how, stay current by reading key websites, blogs, research papers or journals that apply to your career. Be confident about what you know and speak up during meetings or staff interactions to share your thoughts.

  • Suggest—and Accept—Additional Responsibilities.
    Often, those that make suggestions are the ones appointed to act on them—and that’s OK. Your willingness to take on extra duties shows your initiative, willingness to learn and desire to improve the status quo. Collaborate with your team members and seek help and advice when you need it. Remember, it takes a team to accomplish great things! If extra responsibilities require you to put in extended hours, so be it. Many bosses like to see a solid commitment to success and a strong work ethic.

Go forth and conquer!
Your motivation to achieve great things may be your greatest asset. Follow the above tips to surge ahead of your coworkers and establish yourself as a leader in your office. The knowledge and experience you gain in the process are an added bonus to the career success you will earn.

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